Angel of Lies

November 25, 2008


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Hi there and welcome to Angel of Lies. This story is the final installment of a trilogy that started with Knock it Down, which was soon followed by Wings of Steel. It is highly recommended that you check out both of those stories before starting this one! The storyline and world, as well as the characters, will mean little to you otherwise.

Angel of Lies takes place over a decade after the end of Wings of Steel. The world was changed eleven years prior by an earthquake that threatened to tear the world apart. Strange buildings and pieces of land ruptured the surface and civilization finds itself in chaos. Perhaps the biggest change is what happened ‘beneath’ the surface. People who once found themselves living normal lives are thrust into an existence riddled with unexplained circumstances and abilities. A war has broke out and these ‘gifted’ ones find themselves being hunted ruthlessly by those who think themselves ‘normal’.

Virgil Maro finds himself ensconced in the middle of all this. He was a completely normal boy until one day changed his life forever. Now he’s stuck wandering the lands aimlessly, avoiding his pursuers, and trying to avoid the strange dreams that make him think he’s crazy. He has been chosen by Death itself to right the balance once more and fix what went wrong so many years before. Will he succeed or will the subterfuge of this new world and the shaky alliances that await him spell his doom?

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